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Looking for a new Job?

Are you looking for a new job? Gorilla Jobs can help you further with finding the right job according to your specific skills and requirements. See below our process outlined in steps. Fill in the form and submit your CV to get a call back from our senior recruitment consultants for a confidential consultation.

  • Apply for a Job

    The first step is to apply for a job. You can find available jobs on our jobs page. Would you like a consultant to give you a call instead? Please fill in the form on the right.

  • Talk with a Consultant

    After you have applied for a job and have submitted your CV a consultant will reach out if you match the job requirements.

  • Choose from Vacancies

    Gorilla Jobs has clients globally and knows exactly which vacancies match your requirements. As part of our service, we will present you with a list of job vacancies that match your skills.

  • Interview Process

    Once you have identified a suitable job from the list, our consultant will book in an interview on your behalf. Gorilla Jobs will manage the entire interview process.

  • Start your new Job

    Gorilla Jobs will guide you during the entire job securing process and will negiotate the best contract terms on your behalf to start your new career!