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Recruitment Services

  • Permanent

    Gorilla Jobs is the absolute market leader within Australia for finding permanent staff. Due to our results-driven approach, our clients find well-qualified and highly skilled professionals for those hard to fill roles. Contact us today and let's create value, together.

  • Locum

    Gorilla Jobs is a licensed and approved labour-hire company. We work with both private organizations as well as public entities, helping them find temporary employees or locums when they need them most. Our service provides our clients access to specialist skills in a timely manner.

  • Project Sourcing

    Gorilla Jobs is the Project Sourcing Provider of choice for employers with significant staffing shortages. Our unique Project Sourcing solution is perfect for companies looking to staff complete projects at once without having to worry about onboarding. Simply provide your project requirements, and Gorilla Jobs will source and onboard your new employees.



  • How does your recruitment process work?

    After initially pre-screening your specific job requirements and business needs, there are several stages to the recruitment process before we present you with suitable candidates. These include shortlisting known candidates, marketing through our large database and social media presence, screening and preparing candidates for your requirements, arranging the interview practicalities and helping with contractual negotiations.

  • I've never had success with an agency before, how are your services different?

    Our unique candidate-first approach to recruiting enables us to very effectively screen through the different skill levels and personal circumstances of the candidates. We know what they are looking for, and when we know what you are looking for we will only match you up with those candidates who are the most suitable. You will not have to worry about your time being wasted by inefficient processes.

  • How did you come up with the name Gorilla Jobs?

    We needed a name which was unique, dominant and easy to remember. Gorillas are on top of the food chain and the rest is history.

  • How long will it take for you to find someone suitable?

    While we have successfully found candidates only a few hours after being advised about a job requirement, other times it took a few days or weeks. It depends on the type of role, the kind of skills and complexity required and the urgency of your business needs.

  • What happens if the candidate leaves?

    We understand that even with the most secure and qualified candidates a lot could happen leading to employment termination. We have a warranty period which includes a free replacement.


Our mission

Gorilla Jobs’ mission is to connect highly qualified job seekers with the best job opportunities in Australia with our industry-leading, candidate first model.

We achieve this by actively listening and fully understanding the needs of our candidates and clients, truly putting the human back into the recruitment process. Our passion for cutting-edge recruitment technologies and developing industry unique innovative software truly makes Gorilla Jobs the only right choice for job seekers and employers.

If you are either an employer looking for new staff or a job seeker looking for a new career, Gorilla Jobs can help you with finding the right match. Fill in the contact form and one of our consultants will get in touch for a free consultation.