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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Job Description

  • Great career progression within the Pharmacy industry
  • Fantastic remuneration between $80,000 ~ 100,000 P/Y
  • Wonderful team and staff to work with


This position involves the effective and efficient management of all day-to-day operations in the Aged Care operation to provide the highest standard of care to all the residents in facilitates that currently range from Murwillumbah to Cleveland, QLD.

It involves the maintenance of strong, functional, friendly, and professional relationships with each of the facilities, as well as fostering new relationships and promotion of the business to grow the number of Aged Care facilities that this Pharmacy services.

A successful Manager will be able to meet and/or exceed the KPI’s for the internal operations of the business, set appropriate KPI’s for the staff, as well as ensure that additional new facilities are garnered throughout their time in the role. The goal is to get a competent manager to grow the current Aged Care department to new heights within the organization.

The role description and tasks you will be responsible for:

  • Oversee the overall efficient day to day running of the aged care operation at all times,
  • Managing team efficiency, team adherence to the general rules and
    expectations, appropriate taking and timing of breaks and lunches.
  • Staff concerns requiring immediate action, including disciplinary action, verbal and written warnings and dismissal of
    staff, with the owners help, if necessary
  • Undertake strategic planning for the Aged Care operation
  • Oversee the onsite initial implementation and ongoing adherence to both existing and new procedures and systems.
  • Negotiation and maintenance of facility contracts, both new and existing.
  • Maintain a functional, friendly and professional working relationships with the management of each facility, as well as liaising with all levels of facility staff to ensure all requests and concerns are attended to.
  • Oversee and implement the marketing of the business, as needed using marketing materials available to develop an ongoing and increasing presence in the Aged Care market.
  • To meet all on contractual obligations including but not restricted to: MAC meetings, imprest checks, educations, management meetings, ensuring that the pharmacist team checks all items dispensed, all DAA packs and rolls packed by dispensary technicians as per normal legal requirements on site prior to delivery
  • Ensuring that the pharmacist team provides the timely delivery of all regular monthly non-packed meds and all other items as per individual requirements of facilities and their patients
  • Ensuring that the pharmacist team performs the timely and accurate handling, and dispensing of all patient requirements and prescriptions
  • Maintain a report/file system for each facility to ensure all pertinent matters are recorded and report all dispensing errors and near misses, or any breach of ethics
  • Organize, delegate, supervise and manage the performance of all staff in the Aged Care operation

Requirements of this role:

  • Experience working in an Aged Care facility and Pharmacy
  • Experience in management
  • Experience working in as a Retail Manager or Pharmacy Manager
  • Experience liaising with medical professionals, doctors, Aged Care Staff, and nurses

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