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Brisbane, New South Wales, Australia

Job Description

  • Competitive remuneration up to $100,000 per year
  • Great opportunity in a management position with a great team to manage
  • Manage the day to day operations of the Aged Care services this Pharmacy provide


This position involves the effective and efficient management of all day-to-day operations in the Aged Care operation to provide the highest standard of care to all the residents in facilitates that currently in the Gold Coast, QLD.

It involves the maintenance of a strong, functional, friendly and professional relationship with each of the facilities, as well as fostering new relationships and promotion of the business to grow the number of Aged Care facilities that this Community Pharmacy currently services. A successful manager will be able to meet and/or exceed the KPI’s for the internal operations of the business, set appropriate KPI’s for the staff, as well as ensure that additional new facilities are garnered throughout their time in the role.

This position is responsible only to the owners of the business and our current Aged Care department can be grown to new heights within the organization. Experience working within a Community Pharmacy as a Manager or Retail Coordinator is preferred. Experience in a nursing home as a Care Manager or Facility Manager would also be preferred. 

Duties that this role would entail: 

  • Liaise with pharmacy owners, management and staff to ensure all information from pertinent discussions with the facilities is disseminated in a timely and effective manner. This may take the form of regular meetings but will also include communication as the need may arise to ensure timely response and action. Information will include but is not restricted to shop requirements, staff concerns or issues, scheduled facility meetings, and educations, major incidences regarding staff or facilities.
  • To identify and contact aged care facilities in a given locality and to approach and offer our services to these facilities on a regular basis. To maintain a schedule of contact with these facilities
  • Oversee the duties of the pharmacists and dispensary technicians
  • Fortnightly rostering of staff within the budgeted range
  • Organize the recruitment and selection of staff if required, with the owners help if needed
  • Organize the termination of staff employment if needed, with the owners help if required
  • Develop marketing materials within a budgeted range to promote an ongoing and increasing presence in the Aged Care market and use these materials to approach new facilities to offer our services. Also further development of the website and promotion of business by providing an easy to navigate website to answer common aged care queries using a multi-media approach to establish our company as the destination of choice.
  • The identification and communication of possible areas of improvement as the need may arise, both within the Aged Care operation and the facilities we service
  • Maintain a schedule of attendance to the current facilities to meet our contractual obligations. Complete with the pharmacist team, attendance at MAC meetings, Imprest checks, Educations and Management meetings.
  • Manage and conduct performance reviews for all the Aged Care staff on a yearly or biyearly basis
  • Maintain a report/file for each facility with the other pharmacists on-site to include all pertinent requests, tasks, complaints, errors, and other matters of importance

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